July 24, 2014

After 5 days in South Africa

After 5 days in South Africa I can say my heart absolutely breaks over the poverty and misery I've seen here but I can also say I've seen beauty beyond anything I've ever experienced before.

I was told before we left that Africa will get into your blood and now I can attest to that. We still have two weeks left here and we will enjoy our time left to the fullest, but I can already guarantee we'll be back. South Africa has stolen a piece of my heart!

July 10, 2014

Mr and Mrs Moultrie

Last week my husband and I traveled to London to attend my sister in law's wedding. Just like in Belgium you have to go through a civil ceremony to get married in the United Kingdom. I was the appointed photographer for that day and while there was a professional photographer for the ceremony and reception two days later I couldn't help whipping out my camera and catching some details too. Doesn't Lisa look absolutely beautiful and isn't her new husband dashing?

Congrats, Mr and Mrs Moultrie!

June 09, 2014

Project 2014

It's June now (can you believe it?) so that means I'm almost halfway through my Project 2014. I'm still really loving it and looking at the above pictures it's pretty clear I'm also still loving my 50 mm lens. Best purchase ever.

If so inclined you can click on the picture on the right to see even more of these!